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Collaboration for Sustainability in Real Estate: Paving the Path Towards a Greener Future

Posted by Paulina Sekura on November 21, 2023

The collaboration between the public and private sectors has emerged as a fundamental driver in promoting sustainability within the real estate industry. Amin Al Arrayed, the CEO of Naseej, a prominent real estate company, emphasizes the significance of integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of their operations.

During a panel discussion titled “Real Estate’s Role in Achieving Bahrain Vision 2030” at the recent Cityscape Bahrain 2023, Al Arrayed shed light on Naseej’s commitment to aligning its business practices with the goals of Vision 2030, specifically in the realms of sustainability, urban development, and economic diversification.

Naseej’s crucial focus lies in the development of sustainable communities that encompass well-planned, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly infrastructure. The company abides by stringent environmental standards and incorporates sustainable practices in both construction and management processes.

The alignment of Naseej’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement closely resonates with the national strategy’s objectives. Their contributions are expected to have a positive impact on Bahrain’s economic and social development.

Driven by a determination to enhance efficiency and value creation, Naseej embraces innovation and technology across its operations. The company invests in research and development, collaborates with partners, and adopts cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation within the real estate sector.

Furthermore, Naseej actively supports local businesses through partnerships and procurement initiatives while engaging in community development projects. Recognizing the importance of nurturing Bahraini talent, the company invests in training and development programs, equipping employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

“Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Naseej. It is a core part of our business strategy,” affirms Al Arrayed. The company takes concrete steps towards sustainability, such as developing LEED-certified buildings, employing energy-efficient materials and technologies, and implementing responsible waste management practices.

This panel discussion also included notable speakers like Patrick Dominic McPollin, former ministerial adviser, and Ahmed Al Ammadi, CEO of Diyar Al Muharraq. The session was skillfully moderated by Aisha Ebrahim Ali, a Bahrain International news anchor and media specialist at the Bahrain Chamber.

Naseej’s participation in the Cityscape Bahrain 2023 exhibition garnered significant interest from visitors, showcasing their dedication as a sustainable community developer.


Q: What is Vision 2030?
A: Bahrain Vision 2030 is a national strategy that outlines the country’s goals and aspirations for sustainable economic and social development.

Q: What is LEED certification?
A: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a global standard for green buildings that assesses their environmental performance and sustainable practices.

Q: How does Naseej contribute to community development?
A: Naseej supports local businesses through partnerships and procurement initiatives and actively engages in community development projects.

Q: What are some sustainable practices embraced by Naseej?
A: Naseej employs energy-efficient materials and technologies, reduces water consumption, manages waste responsibly, and develops LEED-certified buildings.

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