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Unlicensed Rehab Clinics Impact Neighborhood in Laveen

Posted by Roman Górczyński on November 21, 2023

A recent investigation has revealed the significant impact of unlicensed rehab clinics on a neighborhood in Laveen, Arizona. The neighborhood, known as Element on Euclid, was nearly taken over by these unregulated facilities, causing distress and frustration among its residents.

The crackdown on the sober living scheme by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) has led to the suspension of over 300 behavioral health providers this year alone. Registered providers are required to be licensed by the Department of Health to receive payment from AHCCCS for their services.

One particular rehab provider, Rehema Behavioral Health, has come under scrutiny for its alleged involvement in fraud and misconduct. Several residents of the Element on Euclid community reported witnessing Rehema transport vans picking up individuals from homes in the neighborhood. This constant influx of people being transported to the clinic caused unease and disruption to the community.

Complaints filed with county code enforcement led to the discovery that 30 out of 107 homes in the community were owned by Rehema or associated companies. Shockingly, none of these properties were licensed by Arizona’s Department of Health Services, raising concerns about the quality and legitimacy of the treatment provided.

Investigations by officials confirmed the suspicions of residents, as multiple Rehema vans were observed picking individuals up from homes and taking them to the clinic. Although Rehema has been suspended by AHCCCS, they were found to be still operating, violating the terms of their suspension.

The impact on the neighborhood has been significant, with reports of individuals passed out in public parks, drug paraphernalia littering the streets, and a general decline in the neighborhood’s safety and well-being. Residents like Jackie Mares have spoken out about their once dream-like community turning into a nightmare overnight.

Moving forward, the county has declared that recovery communities like Rehema’s must obtain appropriate zoning entitlement or cease operations. The case of Rehema highlights the importance of regulating and licensing rehab clinics to ensure the safety and well-being of both patients and the communities in which they operate.


Q: How many behavioral health providers has AHCCCS suspended this year?
A: AHCCCS has suspended over 300 behavioral health providers this year.

Q: Are the unlicensed homes owned by Rehema?
A: Twenty out of 107 homes in the Element on Euclid community are owned by Jehova Jireh Realty, LLC, a company associated with Rehema Behavioral Health.

Q: Are the unlicensed homes causing problems in the neighborhood?
A: Yes, residents have reported a decline in safety and well-being, including incidents of individuals passed out in public parks and drug paraphernalia in the area.

Q: Is Rehema still operating despite being suspended by AHCCCS?
A: Yes, Rehema has been found to be operating even after its suspension by AHCCCS.

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